By car: The hotel offers parking spaces. When using a car, we ask participants to use shared rides in an environmentally friendly manner. For those who would choose a car only because of poorer accessibility from the city of Hustopeče, the organizers offer a Hustopeče-Kurdějov shuttle. You can choose the train connection to Hustopeče without any worries and you will be taken care of.

By train: You can easily get to the city of Hustopeče by train. You can continue either by bus (the bus stop is right next to the train station) or, upon agreement with the organizers.By choosing the train, you contribute to protecting our planet. Instead of emissions from cars, you support a more sustainable mode of transportation that reduces negative impacts on the environment.The train gives you the opportunity to enjoy the journey without the stress of driving a car. You can enjoy the beautiful views from the window, relax or prepare a conference contribution :-).Traveling by train can be a great chance to make new connections and share experiences with other conference attendees who have also opted for a greener alternative. Train travel often provides a more cost-effective solution than driving. The money saved on fuel and parking can be used for other aspects of your trip. Your choice of taking the train can inspire other attendees to reflect on their transportation habits and perhaps opt for more environmentally friendly alternatives.

By choosing the train over cars, you provide an opportunity for greater sustainability, reduced traffic congestion, and a positive impact on the environment.